Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Be Beautiful, Charge up your energy...

Little Pieces of Heaven

More often than rain in the monsoon season, daily knocks of life gradually sucks out our energy, making us feel lethargic and the low energymay lead to dieases, a lesser quality of life, and worse, 'death' before death.

We eat daily to nourish ourselves. But what about our spiritual being? Our conciousness, the one that we lose during our sleep? How do we feed our energy, our true selves? Meditation and good thoughts?

Well, most of us are too busy dealing with our physical life. Now, I have something to share with you. How I encounted a life changing event that made me see things differently.

What I found out is, our bodies are actually energy transformers, and our energy emanates and vibrates as we breath. The colour of the energy changes from time to time. More often, feelings of heaviness and lethargy are associated with intense negative energy.

The easiest way to recharge our energy level is to use CRYSTALS as our body is a 'living soil' going back to our origin. Crystals are pure and not tainted by emotions. As we wear and keep our crystals close to our body, it vibrates its energy and our body energy will be at resonance with each other. So...let's embrace crystals into our lives!

I have personally cleansed and programmed each crystal masterpiece below to its optimum emanating energy level. You will agree that each design beautifully hand crafted.

Ritaru Be Dazzle
RM 150

RM 120

RM 99

RM 88

Rose quartz
RM 88

please order thru, crystalunael@gmail.com .Payments made thru, Maybank .
Please scan and email me the bank payment slip.Any Inquiries please email.There are grades of crystals about the cuttings, shines and transparentcy different in prices.
Thank you all. Cheers...


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